Infrastructure campsite

We are on the edge of the desert and have to deal with the resources of housekeeping. On the one hand, not to destroy the sensitive ecosystem and, on the other hand, because not all resources are available in abundance.


Of course, they can dispose of their waste with us. However, we do not mind if you take it back and dispose of it in a larger and more central location.


You can easily fill up your water tanks with us. The desert gives us water, even if not in large quantities.




We have the last power poles in front of the desert, so we have electricity too. But if they have a solar system, they do not need our electricity because here the sun shines, even in winter!

Sanitary facilities

We have a small sanitary building, but it has not yet European standard. But we are working on it.


The soil is sandy but quite hard. They will not sink, even with a larger vehicle.


We do not have a classification, they stand where there is room and they like it.


In M'hamid you will find almost everything to buy. We offer bread service depending on the workload, because we also have a bakery in the village.


Unfortunately we do not accept credit cards, but you can pay in Euros. The nearest ATM is about 30km away.

Camping La Boussole, Mhamid, Marokko

Whatsapp: +212 660 48 33 98