M'hamid, in the deep south of Morocco, right on the edge of the Erg Chegaga desert, part of the Sahara.

Welcome to Mhamid Camping La Boussole

Dear guest

You will not find a swimming pool or a washing machine on our campsite. We are here on the edge of the desert, the very last electricity pylon before the void. From here, the caravans started, which after 50 days crossed the Sahara and arrived in Timbucktu. These times are over, but there are still some things that are still the same. There is still very little water left, but you can still find your water tanks here and you can also use the Santo facilities with water, even if they do not yet meet the standard of Europe.

But we have so much more: for example 360 days a year in the sun, so their solar system works perfectly with us and we have the fascinating desert. From our place you have 360 degree panoramic view, on one side towards the village, on the other three sides desert, silence and fantastic sunsets.

If they are touched by the fascination we are the right place for them. We are two long-established Berbers who have lived here for generations in the most beautiful place in the world. Our vanguards still wandered through the desert with dromedaries and we are now trying to feed our families with this campsite.

We would be delighted if you would stop by us, we can give you some tips to make your stay on the edge or even within the Sahara unforgettable. Do not be impressed by all the hawkers and immigrant tour operators, we native Berbers are too reticent, hospitable and very outgoing.


We look forward to seeing you.

Abdou and Khalifa

Camping La Boussole, Mhamid, Marokko

Whatsapp: +212 660 48 33 98