We are right in the south of Morocco on the edge of Erg Chegaga. At our campsite the caravans, expeditions and tourists pass in the morning and return from the desert in the evening. On Google Maps, we are the last big spots in front of the eternal sand.

From our campsite, you must first cover 60km of rocky and rocky outcrops, sparse steppe landscapes and sandy slopes until you reach the great sand dunes of the Sahara.

The enclosed campsite with great panoramic views is easily accessible, is only 200m away from the village Mahmid. All vehicles can make it to us, but from here on we can only continue with 4x4. 

Camping la Boussoule du Sahara

M'Hamid El Ghizlane, Marokko

29.828743, -5.732721

Camping La Boussole, Mhamid, Marokko

Whatsapp: +212 660 48 33 98