How to find us

From Zagora to Mhamid there is only one paved road. The route is almost exactly 100km far and about 30km before Mhamid they cross the town Tagounite. Incidentally, there is the last ATM with credit card. In Mhamid itself you can only pay in cash except for a few big tour operators.

Once in Mhamid, at the only roundabout keep right and follow the paved road through the whole village. The asphalt is over, on the track about 200m further and keep slightly left. The campsite can be seen from the village.

When they arrive in Mhamid by vehicle, they are stopped by friendly tour operators, involved in a conversation and, before they know it, they have been sold a camel or a 4x4 tour. Drive friendly but determined through the whole village to us, because then they can walk in peace and without embittering from behind through the village.
It also happened that in the village is told that our campsite is closed, do not listen to it, we are always open and space.


Camping la Boussoule du Sahara
M'Hamid El Ghizlane, Marokko

29.828743, -5.732721

At the ending of the village the asphalted part is over

Piste to the campsite (right)

Camping La Boussole, Mhamid, Marokko

Whatsapp: +212 660 48 33 98