About us

Welcome to Abdou and Khalifa,

We are brothers, old-schooled and belong to the people of the Berbers. Our father and grandfathers have already traveled with caravans through the desert. We are now trying to bring the tourists closer to our desert, explain the unique ecosystem and operate the very last campsite in front of the endless expanse.

We know the last nomads, every waterhole and after a rare rain the green places in the Sahara. We know which ones are the desert desert camp and where the biggest sand dunes can be found.

The indigenous people of the Berbers are very hospitable and reserved, and so we would describe ourselves. Our mother tongue is Berber, but we also speak Arabic, French and English.

We would be very happy if we could get to know each other.


Camping La Boussole, Mhamid, Marokko

Whatsapp: +212 660 48 33 98